Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GiGi and Papa's first Skype

I wish I had a video of this one. We recently decided to try this Skype thing that everyone is talking about. Who had the most fun during our Skype experience? Papa.

I can't say I'm surprised. I mean, he's the ultimate kid-at-heart. He played nearly all the visual tricks you can play with a limited field of view. He was bigger and smaller (with voice to match). He played peek-a-boo. The only thing he might have missed was 'going downstairs'.

For me? The best part is my cranky toddler had a new focus, and a better attitude and I got a little break!


emk said...

awesome! we kill at least 30 minutes each day talking to Grammie on skype! it's such a wonderful invention!

Anne-Margaret said...

I <3 Skype so much. Being in a long distance relationship, it's totally been our saving grace. Once I move across the pond it will be just as important to keep in touch with my family, specifically my nieces. Gotta love technology!

Emily said...

AM- Are you planning a move soon? I'm.so.jealous!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so clearly I need to come up with something I do during the skyping so I get a mention on the blog! Maybe Uncle Tom will have to get on the skype train if he moves to SF! Gigi

Anne-Margaret said...

Em (one half of M2) ;) -

Planning on moving in August or September depending on my loans and visa. (Just waiting now - it sucks!)

You and hubby will just have to come visit. :)

Anne-Margaret said...

And the boys for that matter! I commend anyone who can do international travel with little ones!