Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Those shades get around.

Henry loves to borrow big brother Jack's cool-guy shades. I imagine he's thinking: "I make this look good."

And those shades are great for a motorcycle ride.
I was very excited for Jack to see Uncle Tom's motorcycle because he loves them when seen driving around but I was not expecting him to be afraid of it. See Matt's shadow there? Jack was so scared of the motorcycle that he wouldn't even come near it, let alone get on it, without Daddy 'assistance'. Secretly, as a mommy, that makes me kinda happy- not gonna lie.


emk said...

What a smile from Mr. Henry!

Lindsey said...

Ditto emk! Adorable.

Kate said...

There's not much in life cuter than a baby in sunglasses.

My (9 years older) brother drove an ambulance and worked as an EMT and when I hit middle school told me that if he ever heard I was on a motorcycle he would kill me himself because they were so dangerous. I plan to extend this rule to my own children so I'm with you on being glad that Jack was scared.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see that smile in person next week at the beach! (And, the ONLY good part about Uncle Tom moving to SF is that he has to sell the motorcycle!!) Gigi