Friday, June 18, 2010

I've been told

My mom and my husband had a come to Jesus an intervention a chat with me about my formula hang up and I've decided that I'm over it. Occasional, even daily formula is no big. I'd be sad if I ended up with less and less supply, but I don't really have to make it much longer till we start adding solids anyway. According to Google, babies who are really crazy good sleepers like Henry appears to be (10 hours is average, sometimes we get 12) it's not uncommon for moms to have some minor supply issues because they feed so much and they feed never or hardly ever at night.

In unrelated exciting news, I've found a great new (to me) laundry detergent that totally cuts bad smells out of the microfiber inserts in the cloth. Thirsties makes a pre-wash and it's ah-mazing. I can't smell that yucky ammonia smell at all after using it! I have also been having a problem with our towels smelling kinda mildewy after about a day or 2 so I'm going to try this magical stuff on them too!

Also, Jack and I made a cake for Daddy for Father's day. Jack did all the adding of ingredients (except eggs) and most of the stirring, and nearly all the post-icing decorating. I was able to turn it into a 2-day activity for him. Clearly I'm going to have to do lots of baking and eating baked goods, because it's such an educational activity for my toddler. Right. Right?!


Kate said...

I was seriously planning on e-mailing you today to ask what you've been using on the diapers since I'm having some stink issues.

And yes, cooking and baking are very educational. We baked as much as possible when I was working at the elementary school.

Brenna said...

i agree...baking is very educational! tasting is educational too!