Thursday, June 17, 2010

Henry Update

Henry has been enjoying his hands and feet quite a bit. He likes to wiggle his toes and the expression he gets when he's working on it is priceless. For a while Henry was very interested in putting his hands in his mouth and very disinterested in his paci. Now he seems equally ambivalent about both, but since he sleeps really well (12 hours once, 8-10 normally) I'm not complaining.

Henry is also quite enamoured with his older brother. Recently Jack was jumping on the bed and Henry could not keep his eyes off of his big brother. Jack would jump and jump and then pretend to fall down and Henry's eyes would follow him till he fell and then Henry would look at me as if to say "Who is this guy trying to kid?"

I can already tell they're going to be quite the comedic pair.


Brenna said...

in this pic, H looks like he is plotting something....

melaniet42 said...

That is SO great that Henry is sleeping well for you!!