Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Forgotten Camera

I cannot believe I forgot my camera.

Ok, so yesterday morning moms group got together; Melanie's not on bed rest anymore- YAY! Brenna was gracious brave enough to have us all over. Our children are all about 4 weeks apart they're is lots of mayhem because they've all discovered possessiveness and tempers; but they've also discovered how to play together- which is so stinkin' cute!!

So at one point Jack tumbles out of the riding car and I'm of course trying to breastfeed when this happens. He's crying and he's got a cut on his hand. I give him an all-powerful mommy hug and he carries on, my wayward son.

Later he decides that he absolutely MUST have some toy that's inside. Well since we're all outside and Brenna, being the smart mommy that she is, has designated certain toys for outside and others for inside so as not to carry the dirt back into the house. He's just beside himself, he tries begging me, and every other mommy there to please, please let him have the "tractor trailer- inside."

I am of course feeding Henry again while all this is unfolding. Finally I don't hear him screaming anymore, I breathe a sigh of relief, assuming he's calmed down, but just to be sure I attempt visual confirmation. I don't see him by the play set, or the sandbox, hmmm.... I don't see him on the deck...

Oh, wait, there he is shimmying into the house through the cat door. Emily scrambles for her camera but he's too quick; he's inside in an instant.


Kate said...

They're really much too clever. We bought a gate for the kitchen that has a mini gate for cats in it but Liam figured out he could crawl through that in a few days. Luckily the cats also figured out that they could squeeze between the side bar of the gate and the wall so it all worked out.

melaniet42 said...

I still can't believe he made it through! Goodness that was hysterical!!

Brenna said...

I have to agree with any blog post that says I am smart. ;) Hee was pretty funny.