Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Camp

Do we look excited? Good, 'cause we are! Today is the first day of a two week long camp for the tots.

The world is our oyster! The possibilities are endless!

Oh wait... I still have this little ball of handsomeness with me during the day. Even just running errands or hanging out at home with just one of my guys is waaay easier than having two all day long.

Jack had a great time. I got there early to pick him up so I could spy on him and he was definitely having a great time. He has so much to tell me in the car on the way home.

He even came home with some artwork. We both cannot wait for tomorrow!


emk said...

Since I ran in like a crazy person a few minutes late, you'll have to give me the early-spy report. Did everybody look like they were having fun??!

Emily said...

Yes! They were all running around playing. Cady gravitated towards the House play area and Brooksie was hanging out with the piggies. He came over and said Hi to me but then went back to the farm.

Anonymous said...

Have I told you about the time I dropped you off at Garrett Park Co-Op Nursery School for the first time at age two and 4 months and you cried when I left???? Hmmmmmm . . . You are soooo lucky Jack did so great! Cudos, Gigi