Friday, June 25, 2010

Two Steps Forward

The thing with kids, well at least this seems to be true with my kids is when there's progress in one area there's a setback in another. I'm sure they do this just to keep us guessing. Jack is now almost entirely accident free (even at night). I thought this potty training would be a long process, and I guess since we've actually been putting him on the potty since he was 6 months old, it was a long process... I have to say, building time in to sit on the potty was a life saver for the cloth diapering because the less poop in cloth, the better!

It appears that Jack is giving up his nap. I have dreaded this day because it marks the loss of my freedom (for an hour or two each afternoon). Jack has never been a good sleeper. He's been more maintenance at night than Henry for the last month or so. But now that he's in 'school' and has been too excited to take his nap I'm noticing 2 things: 1. he's easier to put to bed when he doesn't get a nap. 2. he sleeps all through the night instead of needing us, 1, 2, 3 or even 4 times. I must face the truth, we have moved from 'naptime' to 'play quietly in your room' time. Lets hope we can successfully have 'play quietly in your room' time.

Henry continues to be a good sleeper. ::whew:: He's also now clasping his hands together and reaching for his feet.

I think the passage of time experienced by second-time parents is different from when I experienced it as a first-time parent- it's like the twilight zone. Henry seems to be doing things so much faster than Jack, but really he's probably doing them about when Jack did, give or take a week. Everything seems to be happening much faster.

Does anyone else feel like the summer is disappearing before their eyes?


Brenna said...

glad to hear that you're taking the 'no nap' situation so well...i would be freaking out!
I agree...the summer is slipping away.

Emily said...

i'm trying not to get twitchy and be zen about the nap thing. i keep telling myself, if he's really ready to be done with that phase of his life no matter how hard i fight againts it, it's happening anyway.

Emily said...

this isn't to say i don't get twitchy about him giving up his nap. i'm just TRYING to take it in stride.

The Crivella Family said...

There may be days when he is doing quiet time when you will peek in and he is passed out, it will just depend on the day. But don't freak out it happens and Henry will still nap for awhile so you will at least have time with just one child, one that is getting very self-sufficient!

melaniet42 said...

I would totally be freaking out about the no nap I think. But hey, just think of the freedom you have now to actually do something in the afternoon other than be home for naptime!