Friday, June 17, 2011

Daddy guest blog

While Mommy is away, the boys will play. And get injured, and be telerescued by Mommy, and decide they won't go to sleep.

5 hours in to this whole "Mommy is at the beach with her friend celebrating her belated 30th birthday for a girls weekend away from their boys to let lose and relax" and things are going swimmingly!

1) Had play date
2) Ate nutritious pizza for dinner w/ cookies and blueberries (points for something nominally healthy there)
3) Fell off the train table and wrenched an arm
4) Eventually got ahold of Mommy who suggested nursemaids elbow as the injury ("couldn't be! I wasn't in the room, but how could that of happened falling off a table!?!")
5) A quick look-up of the "repair" technique later and Jack's fixed (points for Daddy actually fixing it)
6) A couple of episodes of Jack's favorite TV shows immediately before bed because
A) I feel bad that he got hurt and wanted to give him a treat
B) Henry is upstairs refusing to go to sleep
C) I am having trouble summoning the energy to take Jack up just this second

So, so far great! :-D

Right now as I type this guest blog I am also busily googling for that audible of Samuel L. Jackson's reading of "Go the F&$% to Sleep!". I believe tonight might be the night that I put that on loop, open a beer and collapse on the couch once the last kiddo is tucked in (and has gone the F*$% to sleep).

Somehow watching them most of a weekend for Emily's Yoga weekends is never this stressful or difficult. The kids must have known it is father's day weekend and really wanted me to earn my keep.

Back to a snuggle on the couch with Jack and stories.


emk said...

Hang in there!! And Happy early Father's Day!

In The Lyme Fight said...

HA HA! Awesome. Sounds like a typical Dad's day to me! :)