Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The new kids on this block:
1 green bell pepper plant
1 red bell pepper plant
3 strawberry plants

(all planted in the second quadrant in from the left)

The green spring onions (far left) are looking great. They definitely enjoy their water. The lettuce still looks great too, and also enjoys lots of H2O.

The tomato loves being in a pot on the deck. I'm not sure how the herbs feel about the window box... they're alright... but cilantro usually is a trouble maker and this season is no different.


Heather said...

Great looking garden! Cilantro is usually a bear for me too, but this year, I've put it in a mostly shady area of the deck and it seems to be doing well.

Kate said...

When my mom was buying herbs this year she was told not to even bother with cilantro because it's too difficult.

Gail said...

Our cilantro tasted great while it was "young" but it bolted to flower just before Memorial Day--early due to the hot temps I think. Putting in shade is probably the best idea! I do that with my basil when it starts getting hot--like 90's every day. That keeps it from bolting too soon.