Saturday, June 11, 2011

When life gives you Lyme disease... make limeade, of course! (I did have some limeade today, BTW.) Thursday.



More on that later. So, all you mommies out there be sure to check the kiddos for ticks. I never saw a tick, so if you see a welt and it grows and grows go to the doctor. Promise?

P.S. Today my fever is essentially gone and my aches are starting to go away, but the pain at the back of my knee and in my swollen lymph gland is increasing. But I'd take a bum leg over delerious with fever anyday.

So any home remedies, positive thinking or other help I can get will be much appreciated!


emk said...

Oh my goodness!! That thing is INSANE. I am SO glad they figured out what it was so you could start treatment. Um, I imagine you had some words re: the doctor yesterday who didn't even run a Lyme disease test! (Hope I'm remembering that right.)

Take care! Feel better soon!

Kristin said...


In The Lyme Fight said...

HI! I found your blog when I was looking for yoga poses for Lyme patients. I was diagnosed on 5/5. My search brought me to your post and I just wanted to make sure you received antibiotic treatment for at least 2-3 months. Many doctors will only give 30 days, if that and the disease has progressed too far and takes a longer treatment to prevent further infection. It is VERY important! I was misdiagnosed over 26 years ago (I'm 36 now) and am very sick now. Please make sure you are with a Lyme-literate doctor! If you have any questions, please feel free to email I hope you don't mind me writing you about this. I just don't want another person to suffer from this terrible disease! I also write a blog of my journey at that has many details about the dangers of leaving Lyme untreated or not treating it properly. Best of luck to you and your beautiful family!

In The Lyme Fight said...

HI! In case you don't see my comment on my blog (thanks for your comments by the way!), so here's my response...

Hi Emily! Yes, I'm an instructor. I am trained in traditional Hatha - Beginner/Traditional, Power and Prenatal. I'm getting trained on yoga for Scoliosis in November, if my body allows. :) I was doing research to see what was out there, if anything, on yoga for Lyme when I found your blog. How are you feeling? Did you do treatment for the tick bite? I hope you are doing well. Thanks for reading and following!