Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Floor Registers

I need to vent, bwah ha ha ha, for a minute. I hate our floor vents. Maybe not hate, but I have a very strong dislike for them.

I feel that it is harder to decorate and arrange furniture around them. It's probably just perception because wall vents claim the same amount of space on a wall, but they do make area rugs a challenge.

But here's why floor vents really suck: they aren't screwed in. They can be easily lifted out by any pair of curious, trouble making hands. Which means anything that will fit in the hole in the floor- 4"x12" -usually ends up down in the duct work.

We found quite a few missing items today, the photo above shows just what came out of one register!

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Gail said...

Maybe we can blame the cats??? Probably not!