Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This post is brought to you by the awesomeness of antibiotics.

I wanted to show a progression of the tick bite site, so here are the photos (taken each morning after breakfast... whether I was up to eating it or not).

Day 1: No Photo. It looked exactly like a mosquito bite. Who takes a pic of a mosquito bite? The bite was noticed in the morning. Fever started in the early afternoon 100/101. Day 2: Swollen and pinkish. Fever, all day, high 102.

Day 3: Black plague of death, run away! Run away! Fever all day, high 104. First doctor's appointment, a total fail.

Day 4: Diagnosed! Bulls eye shape, inner ring purple like a bruise, outer ring pink/red with a clear, meaning obvious, ring. Fever, low, 100 in the morning, none during the middle of the day, high 102 in the evening. (First day of antibiotics, 500mg Clarithromycin, taken morning and night.)

Day 5: Bigger in surface area but the swelling is starting to go down (as is the tenderness.) No fever morning or afternoon, fever spiked in early evening at 102. (Second day of antibiotics.)

Day 6: Distinct ring disappearing. No fever at all. (Third day of antibiotics.)

Day 7: Bruise spreading, tenderness almost gone. No fever, again! (Fourth day of antibiotics.)

Day 8: Today. Bruise and redness nearly gone! No fever (so far) but I'm thinking the rest of the day is going to be fine. To prove it I'm going to go to the mall, just for a quick trip. (Fifth day of antibiotics.)

Hopefully this will be my last post about Lyme Disease, other than the occasional anecdotal reference: "Hey, remember that one time I had Lyme Disease?"


Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

Glad it's clearing up!!

Brenna said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!!!

These pictures are really helpful. I have never seen what a lyme disease bite site looks like. I've heard about the bull's eye rash, but never seen a photo!

Emily said...

Thanks, brenna. That was kind of the idea, because I found some photos online but they're all so extreme.... Mine seems more normal. And I can totally see how as a mother you'd ask your kid who HIT them or what they ran into but would not think "bug bite".