Monday, June 20, 2011

A Weekend in Food

Upon arrival appetizers were presented.

The next morning we had tea (the balsamic vinegar dressing didn't kill me, despite vinegar's strictly verboten dietary status.)

Tiny sandwiches, scones and yummy chocolate treats. The white-haired owner of the store came over to tell us what was on each tier and then she leaned in to explain that the chocolate treat on top was like an "orgasm in your mouth." I just about died!

Sunday morning we went to 'the crepes place'. I did not order the Hot Fudge Sunday crepe, because I can't have calcium within two hours of my morning dose of antibiotics. Stab, stab, stab.

My garden omelet (no cheese) and crepe with jelly were yummy and filling.

As was the hash browns, which we split.

Next up, A Weekend in Shopping. Because when you go on vacation without your tiny humans in tow there are 3 things worth doing: eat out uninterrupted, go shopping uninterrupted, sleep uninterrupted. (But pictures of me sleeping would be kinda boring, no?)

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Mama G said...

You are making me so so hungry with this post! The chocolate, the omelet, the hash browns...uggh. No more food pics! ;)

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