Friday, June 10, 2011

Doctors Suck, ask me how

So today at 3:45 I went to see a doctor. Not my doctor but a doctor from my group. Here are the things he did that made him a crappy doctor:

1. I waited till 5pm to be seen by him. Clearly he skipped time management day in med. school

2. When he came in to the exam room he didn't acknowledge that I had been waiting at all. Leading me to believe that he actually thinks his time is more important than mine.

3. He was very upset by the fact that I wasn't 100% certain whether I had been taking 300mg or 500mg of Tylenol to treat my fever. Um, wow, OCD, who cares, the point is Tylenol is not completely cutting the fever. Focus.

4. He told me under no uncertain terms that I absolutely have both a bug bite and a virus and than neither have anything to do with another. He felt that it was unnecessary to explain how he came to this conclusion other than to say it appears that my body is reacting normally to the bite. On what planet is a red and purple area which is now the size (diameter) of a tennis ball and raised about 3/4 of an inch and a swelling and red lymph gland also the size of a tennis ball normal? This is the opposite of normal, it's kinda scary.

5. He sent me for a blood draw and didn't include a test for Lyme disease. Not that I think I have it, but it doesn't hurt to be thorough.

To provide a foil to the doctor's douche baggery, when I went for the blood draw they told me upfront there would be a wait. Then when I went back the tech said to me first thing: I'm so sorry you had to wait. We're short-staffed today. She makes a mere percentage of what this doctor makes and works in a repetitive and gross bodily fluid testing office but she was able to be a nice person.

I'm picky about how I'm treated by doctors. I know this. But I refuse to believe that the mere presence of MD after a person's name somehow makes them entitled to treat people with les respect than the barista a Starbucks is expected to treat their customers. Not all doctors suck, but I'll say this, I've never met a midwife I didn't like!

I have a follow up tomorrow with a different doctor. And now I'm going to do some restoratives that will encourage the blood and toxins to move out of my leg and hopefully to my kidneys where they will get flushed out. Let's hope yoga really can fix everything!

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