Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Veggies- Oh My!

So while we were enjoying our fabulous family beach getaway our garden was growing. Like, a lot. Radish flowers. I never knew what they looked like... now I do. Cute. I hope the radishes still taste okay. Because if you let basil flower before you eat it it's not-so-good.

All the radishes.

See. Radishes? Gone!

Lettuce- Overflowin'!

Onions- On their way!

Weeds- A problem.

But because you should not mulch a veggie garden we weed when we can. Just don't let the weeds choke out the good stuff!

Lettuce. Seriously, I harvested 2 lbs!! And there is so much left. I just cut the leaves near the base yesterday morning and there is already new growth today. We're going to have many a summer salad.

Washed and ready to be stored. Picking the lettuce right into the strainer I then used to wash the lettuce certainly streamlined the process.

Now I'm trying to choose the summer crop (to replace the radishes).

The choices seem to be:

Summer Squash- which are easy, great for the space but not my fave thing to eat.

Sweet Corn- not ideal for the space, but might be fun, and so yummy!

Peppers (Bell or otherwise)- not a success 2 years ago, but I've learned a lot and think I could manage not to kill them this time.

Share your thoughts either by voting in the poll on the right or by leaving a comment! It's like Choose your own Adventure... garden.

Also, my hydrangea is looking a little sad, any suggestions? Other than more water could I give it some coffee or something? It needs to perk up!


Heather said...

I have to go weed my garden too. I do love zucchini, so I do have that planted. I'm curious how the radishes turned out. We've never tried growing those before.

Kate said...

The radishes will probably be fine. Possibly slightly less nutritious since I assume they pull energy and nutrients out of the "bulb" to flower but I don't think it should change the taste.

I'd probably vote for the peppers. Corn might be fun but you're not going to get much bang for your buck. Peppers are so expensive; especially since they're on the list of 10 things to always buy organic.

Hydrangeas need a lot of water. When we were living in Lexington Park we had three big ones in the front garden and they needed to be watered every single day. Even then if it was really hot they were droopy by the end of the day.

Nathan and Aimee said...

I voted for peppers! Kate is right, peppers are expensive! They freeze well, so that's my choice. We tried to grow corn in a small area like that and got maybe 1 ear (which we gave to the chickens). This year we are growing a much bigger patch of corn, so hopefully we'll have corn until we're sick of it!


alba sofia said...

I also vote peppers! Last year for mothers day I planted red Carmen peppers (sweet and a good snack size) and habaneros--both were delicious. Actually, Tom still has some habaneros in his fridge.

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Wow!! That's amazing how much lettuce you are getting! I am growing tomatoes and peppers at the moment... = )