Friday, June 10, 2011

Lets play a game called name that illness

I believe I may have been bitten by a spider and consequently poisoned. I feel like I'm assembling random clues because I don't remember being bitten or coming into contact with anyone who was sick with the symptoms I now have:

*Swollen insect bite behind my left knee. The size of a ping pong ball. Red and purple in color... it's dead sexy!
*Fever of 102-104 not brought down, not all the way, by Tylenol.
*Aching joints.
*Exhausted, dizzy, lethargic, sometimes nauseous.
*Swollen lymph glands, especially the ones in my left hip area (so on the same leg as the bite.)
*No appetite. But that might be because I'm just too tired that chewing seems like it will be entirely too much work.

So what's wrong with me? Any guesses?

My appointment with my doctor is today at 3:15 or 3:45 I can't remember because my brain isn't really working. I'm really opposed to seeking professional medical advice when it isn't absolutely necessary but it appears to be absolutely necessary. I'll let you know what the diagnosis is.


Nathan and Aimee said...

Whoa. That sounds terrible. I hope you feel better soon! Sorry I have no idea what it might be, though it definitely sounds like the ping pong sized bug bite is to blame.

Kate said...

I'm not usually a rush to the doctor type person but that's enough worrisome symptoms that I think you should get in to your doctor or urgent care asap. If you need someone to drive you or watch the boys I can help.

Lindsey said...

Ugggh...poor thing! I'm with Kate - go to the doctor.

The Bliven Family said...

I agree, go to the doctor.