Friday, June 24, 2011

A Vegetarian Turkey Reuben (a.k.a. Rachel)

I'm always looking for ways to adapt my favorite omnivore dishes to a vegetarian (pescetarian) diet. We decided to try a little experiment.

This Rachel sandwich DID NOT disappoint!

Here's what we did:
1 Loaf regular Whole Wheat bread (next time I'm going to try this on Rye).
1 package of Tofurkey divide evenly between each of 4 sandwiches.
1 Jar of Organic Sauerkraut pile as much as you like on each sandwich- go easy on the kids.
Homemade 1000 Island dressing: (mix 1T olive oil mayo, 1T organic ketchup, 1T organic relish, because the other stuff had HFCS.) Smear on one side of the sandwich.
1 package of Swiss Cheese 2 slices per sandwich.

Grill on both sides the same you would a grilled cheese.


For the record, Jack, Henry, the Husband and I all LOVED this!! I'm certain it will become a regular meal in our house.

This recipe was my brain-child and my husband's culinary creation.

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