Thursday, June 2, 2011


Henry speaks. All the time. He uses baby-babble so it's not like he's telling me "Look, mommy a 747!" But he does say "AaahhPppptt" and "Jsssss" (juice) and "Ack" (Jack). Speaking of "Ack"- I've had my feelers out for a bicycle because although the tricycle was a great idea he outgrew it in about 30 seconds.

I ran across one when I was at a used toy store. That night when the Husband got home Jack said "Daddy, it's my new bicycle. It's the one I've always wanted." Where does he get this stuff?!

All he wants to do is ride. We rode for a few miles around the park this morning and then we rode from the house to the grocery store and back again this afternoon.

At one point he wanted to ride in the stroller. (During the up hill part of course). So I turned the stroller into a tow truck and Jack sat on the front at Henry's feet. I pushed and pushed and chugged and chugged, much in the spirit of the Little Engine That Could. But when I got to the top of my hill the little usurper got out and coasted down on his own.

I had to giggle.

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