Thursday, June 23, 2011

Don't get mad, use power tools.

Today while running some soul-crushing errands my oldest son said something very disturbing. The conversation went like this.

"Jack, now that we're finished letting Target kill our souls (I may be ad-libbing a bit here) we need to go to the construction store."

"No, Mommy, construction stores are just for Daddies."

"No, Jack, Mommies can go to the construction store too."

With righteous indignation, "NO! They can't!"

Who replaced my mommy-loving son with a misogynist?!

"No, sweetie, girls can do anything boys can do, and that's a good thing. That means daddies can do what mommies do and mommies can do what daddies do.". Please don't ask me about where babies come from, not now, because that totally undermines what I'm going for here.

"Oh, yeah."

Whew! For now.


Heather said...

I make sure we all learn about using tools in our house. Very important skill. But then again, I am the daughter of a car mechanic, LOL!

Emily said...

I hear you, Heather! My dad was super handy (he designed and built the house I grew up in). Using tools is a MUST. It's one of my fave things about my husband- he knows what he's doing... most of the time.

Kate said...

Jack's right at the age where they become super aware of gender and gender norms and start trying to enforce them. Just keep doing what you're doing and he'll grow out of it. A couple of viewings of "Free to be You and Me" couldn't hurt either ;)